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Founded 2019


equity 100%

Sml (pronounced small) is the machine learning division of Svelte Ventures, created in response to growing demand for access to the intellectual capital employed across the Svelte Ventures portfolio of companies.

Sml specialises in creating business intelligence from what they have coined as ‘lazy data’. This is used to describe data that has been accumulated over time but underutilised, or previously overlooked and unstored data that can be leveraged.

What is machine learning? 
A subset of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning helps provide algorithms that automatically improve (or learn) over time without being explicitly programmed to do so. 

In practice this can be utilised for financial optimisation, streamlining manufacturing operations, generating new revenue streams, improving customer experiences, computer vision, language analysis and…. you get the picture.

Business Model
Partnering with startups and established businesses, Sml delivers cutting-edge software built around machine learning solutions that can transform companies and industry. 

Sml interacts with its clients in a range of ways including fee-for-service, equity-only arrangements, or somewhere in-between. Where a commercial opportunity exists, Sml can lean on the other portfolio of companies within Svelte Ventures to leverage additional skills to form a technical partnership second to none.




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