Like a Fitbit for your mental health.


Founded 2017

Located Adelaide

Funding stage seed


One in five people experience mental health problems in any given year and, of those, approximately half never seek or receive treatment. To make matters worse there is a strong correlation between the delayed diagnosis of mood and/or anxiety disorders with short- and long-term negative health outcomes. 

Frank was created under the maxim: what you can measure, you can manage. In the same way that Fitbit measures movement to provide data around physical health, Frank measures language to provide insight around cognitive health.

Installed on smartphones, Frank uses machine learning (AI) to analyse language patterns and identify when someone is going through cognitive-emotional disturbance/disorder. When detected, Frank gently nudges users towards behaviours that are helpful to mental health. 

As well as for the individual, Frank also delivers benefits for organisations. By licensing the smartphone application for employees/members, organisations are provided with aggregated and anonymised data in a dashboard, allowing them to make more informed strategic decisions while improving the wellbeing and performance of employees. 


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